EAR Zero Trust Technologies

2udg is a professional solution and business developing company with unique Zero Trust technologies and solutions of Identity Authentication, Payment and Ticket security. Following the well organized global patent portfolio, We develops and provides SIaaS "Secure-Identity-as-a-Service", SPaaS “Secure-Payment-as-a-Service” and STaaS "Secure-Ticket-as-a-Service" solutions based on the self-owned and authorized technologies including:

1. 3 Mode Active Multi-Factor Authentication Technology
2. E.164 Authentication Routing Technology
3. Access Authorization Verification Technology
4. Legitimate Authentication Verification Technology
5. E.164 Authentication Routing Security Operation Center Technology


What We Do...

Based on patented EAR Zero Trust technologies, we provides flexible business models of 3 Mode AOTP, EAR Payment and EAR Ticket Platform including system licensing, platform OEM and service OEM to mobile operators, cloud service providers, banks, payment service providers and system integration partners. 3 Mode AOTP, EAR Payment and EAR Ticket platforms can be purchased together as an integrated solution to save your time or be purchased seperately as independent platforms to create your own solutions.